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4 Rules of Vaping Etiquette to Follow

If you have ever been confused about where you could and couldn’t vape, or about vaping etiquette in general, you aren’t alone. Not only are some of the rules around vaping a=somewhat ambiguous, but a lot of the information you do find is written by non-vapers who feel that it is their right to lecture vapers about how to vape. Even among vapers, however, there is some disagreement about when, where, and how to vape politely. Let’s clear things up with a few rules (or “suggestions,” if you will) for vaping around other people without garnering complaints.

1. Use common sense in public

We often hear, “don’t vape where you can’t smoke.” However, what about pubs and other places that welcome vaping? It’s great that there are places where you can Vape Store Online freely, but you still want to use common sense to avoid irritating the non-vapers in the area. First of all, always ask if it’s okay for you to vape. If the answer is no, be cool. Remember that by being a responsible and respectful person, you help change the way people see vaping and the vaping community.

2. Avoid blowing clouds of vapour into people’s faces

Even vapers (and especially non-vapers) will become annoyed with having vapour blown directly at them. It may smell better and be less harmful than smoke, but it can still be irritating. It’s not usually hard to find somewhere besides your mate’s face to blow your cloud. Blow it anywhere else – toward an open area or even at the floor instead. Unless you know that your friend doesn’t mind it, avoid people’s faces at all costs when exhaling.

3. Don’t be a vape snob

Unfortunately, some vapers look down on other vapers because of their choice of device. For example, someone who uses a custom-made steam-punk mechanical vape mod may not understand why another vaper prefers an e-cigarette or a vape pen. However, the truth is that the right vape for you depends on a number of factors, including your preferences, your technical ability, your experiences, and your needs. Advice (when requested) and discussion are great, but there is no place for snobbery in the vaping community.

4. Inform and educate – don’t preach or lose your temper

Don’t be afraid to share what you’ve learned about vaping with others. But do remember that there is a fine line between informing and lecturing. Avoid sermonizing smokers – if they want to know, they’ll ask. And never lose your temper. When you lose your temper, you lose the argument. It may not always be easy to stay calm, especially in the face of ignorance. However, keeping your cool is the key to winning the debate.

These are a few suggestions and unwritten rules to help you enjoy vaping to the fullest without causing people to get upset or complain about your activities. Keeping the peace is valuable and makes vaping hassle-free and enjoyable for all of us.

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