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7-Step Guide to Answer the PMP Exam Questions

Yet, with smart preparation and a comprehensive approach to answer the test questions, you will have a best chance of getting most of the right answers. Below are the 7 steps that can serve you as a guide and help you go through the test with better confidence.

Read each question carefully

This is obviously very important. Yet others were not so careful and paid the price. You have to read the question twice or thrice if necessary. There are questions in the PMP exam that are confusing at first reading because of their wordiness, for instance. You don’t want to just skim through these kinds of questions. Read each carefully.

Take your time

This is why doing a practice exam is essential. It can give you a proper estimate of the time to finish the test. Nonetheless, it pays to take your time to understand each question carefully. There are PMP exam questions that contain jargons that or extra information that sometimes obfuscate the questions. You have to be careful and consider your answer thoroughly.

Determine the scope of each question

You can narrow down each item to a specific knowledge area or process group found in the PMBOK. This can give you an idea which choice to pick for your answer. Keep in mind that most if not all questions in the PMP exams are related to a particular knowledge area.

Consider all possible answers

You can read all google educator certification answer key minutely. Do not settle on just the first answer because it seems to be the right one. Don’t just stop there. Considering the others is important. There are questions in the test that have two or more correct answers, but then you will have to pick the most correct one. There are also questions in PMP exam that are situational or need computation.

The process of elimination

When it comes to the tough questions, especially on situational items, you can use the method of eliminating the answers that are considerably irrelevant or incorrect. After which, you can pick from the remaining possible best answers the most correct one. You have to pay attention to qualifiers like First, Next, Most, and so on. This can determine the best answer in an item.

Familiarize and apply the right formula

Pick the right formula to be used, if the question is related to formulas. In the question, find the values for different variables in the formula. Compute the value asked in the question and select the right answer.

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