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Car Detailer and Ancillary Markets – You Can Detail Anything

The other day, I went to a festival, and as I walked down the street to my car I noticed that someone had put a business card on all the motorcycles which had been parked. A few of those business cards had fallen onto the ground, and I picked one up. It said motorcycle detailing. That’s interesting isn’t it? You see, for many years I was in the auto ceramic pro detailing business, we also had detailed airplanes and boats. I can remember one of our franchisees had a truck detailing company as a side business. The reality is you can detail just about anything, therefore if you are in the auto detailing business, you shouldn’t limit yourself. Let’s talk.

For the car cranbrook detail there are many ancillary markets. For instance, once you start detailing boats, you might get into fiberglass repair, teak reconditioning, or even hibernation services at the Marina. If you detail aircraft, you might be asked to maintain the janitorial services for the hangar, clean the ground equipment, or even rejuvenate deice boots. If you’re in the motorcycle detailing business like that company was, you might also be asked to clean trucks, and flatbed trailers which take the motorcycles to various shows.

Yes, some people like to specialize and I don’t hardly blame them, but you must remember that the customer is always right. If someone takes their Ferrari to the airport to get in their airplane, and they ask you to detail it while they are out flying around, you want to take a clue from your customer, and do what’s asked.

If they later asked you to come out the Marina to clean their yacht, you should say; yes. In fact, when the individual in the slip next door asks if you can clean their boat, their SUV, and then come to their house to detail the rest of their cars you should do that too. Don’t be surprised if they have a nice Harley in the garage. Are you beginning to see my point?

It is amazing what you will be asked to detail once you start, you might go to someone’s house lives on a golf course, and you will be detailing their golf cart before you know it. After all, they’re not going to wash it themselves or wax it, but they know it needs to get done, and you’re there with the equipment, the tools, knowledge, and the right products. Why not? Indeed I hope you will please consider all this if you are marketing a detailing company.


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