CripTo-Brasil Blog Changing Motion Gaming With the Playstation 3 Move

Changing Motion Gaming With the Playstation 3 Move

The gaming technology is rapidly developed nowadays that playing a game isn’t only about the pleasure anymore, but also games can be a good way to get them always on the move and well exercised. It’s been not so long when Nintendo Wii comes up and offering new way of playing game. Instead of sitting for hours, players were invited to move around in order to play the game. This is a lot of fun and also offers positive effects that keeping us always on the move and healthy. And later, today specifically, Sony had also launched their new PS3 move navigation controller which is for me not too far different with Wii’s.

Well, it’s not completely the same as what you see from the Wii console, but one thing for sure is that Sony had chosen a bad timing to launch this controller though especially with boomed Wii console not so long ago. There is nothing wrong with this controller actually, even you will find it have wider features and better gaming experience offered, but in some cases it would only reminds the players for the euphoria of what Wii had made in the last few years. We neither to blame Sony and Microsoft for their latest sports console version, let’s be positive and consider it as their efforts to satisfy their loyal fans.

And as I have stated in the previous line, Pokemon TCG PlayStation Move Starter Bundle has so many to offer though. We all know what to expect from the latest Sony technology, right? Yes, there you’ll be able to enjoy HD gaming experience and various great new games to explore with this new controller. It is undeniable that playing games with this controller would remind you on Wii, but Sony made all their best efforts to avoid this feeling by series new features they applied. And as I tried the controller few days ago, I really enjoyed the experience, and to be honest I admired on what Sony had done for all the developments as well as highest technology they applied on both the new controller and games designed for it. But one thing that bothered me for a while, as I tried the controller, there I found that somehow I felt uncomfortable with the placement of both Start and Select button. Just tell me if you felt that way too.

In overall, Sony PlayStation Move Starter Bundle way much better than Wii, especially in the HD game and awesome colors them implemented to the game. This new controller come with only as low as $30 which makes it worth to buy, considering the joy and pleasure you and your family can enjoy, especially with great price they offer me for bundle purchase. So, you are wondering to know what to buy for next Christmas gift? Try this PlayStation Move Starter Bundle and everyone will love it though. Just check local stores for the availability of this controller, or you can go online once you just unable to find it or to purchase it locally.



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