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Doing Your First Magic Show For Kids

So the day has come you have finally been booked for your first kids show, you already have all the kids Virtual Magic show hire tricks you can get, its exciting but since its the first one you start to wonder if the show you have is going to work.

The only way to find this out is doing the show for a live audience, I always suggest to newbie’s that they should practice on their family the only problem with that is that your relatives wont tell you if they enjoyed it or not; well at least they wont tell you the truth especially if you suck at magic.

They might tell you that they saw some of the mistakes in the tricks but tell you that you are a good showman they won’t for they might not know what to look for or they will hide the truth from you not to hurt your feelings.

So I am going to give you a few pointers on what to do and what not to do when you are on stage performing your show.

You are about to enter the stage you have the right mind set that you are here to entertain and have fun.

After you entrance on stage you are going to have the attention of every one but to loose their attention is every easy and when this happens, its hard to gain back their attention, so when you come face to face with the kids I would suggest that you present your self and do it in a funny way so that you can get some laughs from the kids this makes them lighten up on you and not want to test you straight away shouting out if you are going to do the trick with the rope or some thing like that, children aren’t like adults that are adapted to listen they observe and if you don’t make your entrance exciting they will get board.

One way of making them laugh when you enter the stage, you could trip over your own feet and get up like nothing had ever happened or you could use a strange name or a long one to call your self which they won’t be able to pronounce.

Once you have presented you self to the children it time to start the magic the way I do this is by doing a warm up with them getting them to use their vocal cords, yip this can get loud but the louder the better.

A warm up that I use in my show.

Well now that you all know my name I am going to leave the stage and when I come back I want you to shout at the top of your voices Hello mister magic man, I then leave the stage and come back with more enthusiasm welcoming all the kids to my magic show and in return they shout hello Mr. Magic man.

This warms them up and gets the blood running for you and the children, if you get a bunch of kids scramming at the top of their voices trying to beat the friend next to them you are doing a great job and your show should run smoothly.

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