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Guide To Residential Drug Treatment

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a long, hard road and no two pathways are exactly the same. To break a complicated issue down to its simplest components, getting clean is a two-step process. The first is detoxification, which is clearing the addictive substance from the body. The second phase is rehabilitation, learning how to live without drugs and without the people and environment that fostered the addictive behavior. Residential drug treatment programs have many advantages.

1st Step

Once you have made the decision to go clean and lived through withdrawal, what happens next can make the difference between a successful addiction-free life and gambling with your sobriety. There are no shortcuts to withdrawal and no easy way out. Having made it that far, the last thing you want is to make yourself vulnerable to backsliding and going back on the drug.

Stay Way From The Past

Going back to your drug-using environment and back to your drug-using friends is the road straight back to hell. Checking into a Adderall Withdrawal residential facility in the early recovery phase places you among other individuals who have just experienced the same things you have. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people with the same goals, sobriety and independence could be just what you need to stay on the straight and narrow.

Change In Scenery

These programs isolate you from the social and environmental cues that led you into addiction and if you don’t lift yourself right out of that situation, familiar, comfortable influences will have you back into the addicted life. A change of scenery completely immersed in new people and new activities in a safe environment make it easier to turn over a new leaf.


A communal recovery facility offers the support you need in terms of counseling and monitoring your progress with alcohol and drug testing. They can provide activities that can help you learn new pastimes that will be satisfying without needing to resort to deadly chemicals. Some facilities have gyms, swimming pools and organized sports like volleyball or tennis.

Residential Advantages

Residential facilities are staffed by professionals trained in medicine, counseling and dealing with all the new physical and emotional changes that occur when you get clean and start a new life. You also gain practice and confidence in forming solid relationships with people who aren’t on drugs and who have no vested interest in your taking them again. There are people around to catch you if you fall.

Your Surroundings

Communal recovery facilities are designed to a high standard in terms of decor, furniture and comfort. Daily activities are strictly regimented. This is not to imprison you but to take some of the mundane decisions and details out of your hands so you can concentrate on where you want to go next and learning how to live without drugs.

Residential drug treatment provides the recovering addict in the early stages of rehabilitation a new environment and a new start. You are never far away from a 12-step meeting if that is your choice. It provides a safety net while you are figuring out your next move.

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