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How To Add Sparks To Your Relationship

Are you feeling that your relationship has lost passion? Or that you do not feel desire to spend more time with your partner? Over time, relationships should get stronger and more passionate. However, sometimes life gets so busy that relationships get secondary treatment compared to other things such as career or kids. Every relationship needs constant attention and care in order to keep it alive otherwise partners drift apart. To reignite the sparks in the relationship Tonality and Micro Movements, following ideas are worth giving a try:

1. Surprises: Nothing brings the partner closer than a sweet surprise thrown by you. Whether it is a gadget that the partner has been craving for or a vacation trip that has been long pending, your partner will be swept with your gesture of making the partner feel special. Expressing your caring thoughts through gifts or surprises deepens the connection with your partner.

2. Romantic Night: A candle light dinner at least once in a fortnight or a special meal cooked at home will not only fill the empty tummy but also win the heart of your partner. Find out what is favorite cuisine of your partner and create the night around that. Also, make sure the mood is set right by playing partner’s favorite music and having fragrant candles and dimmed lights. You could also plan out a dance night by hanging out in one of your partner’s favorite club. Having such recurrent nights always keep the passion alive.

3. Quality Time: This does not refer to watching TV together or doing household chores together but time when your mind is not busy with some other task. For example, take a hike together or spend time in bed over a weekend morning. You will discover so many unknown things about your partner by talking more and often. Also, touch your partner often and get the partner to touch you in return as often as possible. Bodily contact increases oxytocin, a harmone, known for reducing stress and improving sense of trust.

4. Special Occasions: Whether it is an anniversary of the first date/marriage or your partner’s birthday or a lover’s day like Valentine’s Day, always try to make those moments memorable. For example, arriving at the door with a dozen roses, a box of chocolates and an anniversary card with hand written notes will impress your partner with your caring nature. One key thing to remember is to plan out those occasions in advance so that efforts result in class and style. These events bring joy to life and invigorate the relationship.

5. Communication: An open communication will always bring out any hidden anger or resentment that might have resulted from a disagreement or a conflict. Always let the partner know what has upset you over any issue so that the partner knows what to consider in future if the same issue is faced again. Never hide any resentment as such feelings will accumulate over time and will distance you from your partner. This does not mean that you should create a mountain out of a molehill but communicate at the appropriate time and in right words. Open discussion is healthier for both sides as it brings the partners on the same page on any topic or issue.


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