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Hunting Decals – The Inspiration Behind Their Creation

Have you noticed hunting decals lately?

Hunting decals are the inspirations of artists, graphic designers, hunters and nature enthusiasts. The “thrill” is not only in the hunt. Designing truck window decals is truly a fun experience. Hunters love them too!

Younger artists and truckers love grim reapers on horses, skulls, weapons and other imaginary forces of nature. Some are intimidating. Deer skulls, ghost riders and dark sided weaponry ward off the squeamish. They attract those interested in getting their hands bloody. These sticker creators seem to evoke fearlessness.

Decal artists graphically portray some of the most famous hunting decals by using inventions of the greatest makers of weaponry in the United States. In fact, the American Flag representation sometimes mingles with the graphics of the weapon. The love of the America and the weapon is the inspiration behind some truck window decals.

New “threats” to disarm hunters evoke even more creative decals.

Protective rights amendment stickers are now becoming even more popular. This is due to the threat of our government trying to “disarm” America. American hunters pose no threat and obey hunting season laws. Serious hunters hunt to eat. They obtain licenses and follow the rules. These stickers help relay the message that we need to protect gun rights.

Some hunting decals represent the animal. The hunter envisions the sheer size and statue of the animal as shown in the decal. The artist focuses on bears, birds, boars, deer, elks and hogs. These are among the more favorite hunted animals. Radical young gifted artists design larger raging animal decals. The stickers imply that huge animals crash through rear windows.

Decal designers graphically imitate positions of the hunter.

Some sticker design artists depict the very basics of the “art of the hunt.” They show their versions of the hunter using the weapon. A tree stand with the hunter aiming at his target is a good example. Some companies even design logos of women hunters positioned for the kill, too!

Camouflage, or “Camo,” has always been the rage of all ages. Camouflage blends in well with the forest making the hunter 5.7 green tip unnoticeable. Antlers, deer, elks, guns, hearts and other designs combine with camouflage and flag graphics. Three-dimensional stickers with camo adds another interesting look.

Advertisers use their brand names in logos and decals.

Are hunters aware that they are advertising by placing their “Brand Name” logo in their back window? There are advertisements for supplements, logos for companies that make weapons and “tools of the hunt.” Bows and arrows sport company logos underneath. Sometimes logos or names of companies are the only graphic decal; along with lettering. Hunters are proud of their weapons.

Funny stickers and graphically offensive decals are bound to sneak into the picture. Some are actually very funny, sexually explicit or downright nasty. However, you don’t see very many of those. Hunters love the sport and love their visions of the hunt. Oh, don’t forget the Sasquatch hunter! LOL

You’re bound to see a sticker designed for anything you can eat or stuff. Not only is there animals to hunt but artists design decals of animals that hunt animals. Dogs and hounds chase or retrieve tasty meals for their owners. Artists render the owners favorite dog pointing for his master.


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