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Information You Need Before Making an Appointment at the Medical Spa

The medical spa is a relatively new phenomenon, but their lack of history has done little to hurt their popularity. Most of the procedures performed at such a facility are designed to help customers with a cosmetic blemish of some kind. Laser hair removal, wraps, BOTOX, and other treatments are common, but various places will offer different options. Before you make an appointment with one of these facilities, there is some information you’ll need. Here are some issues you’ll want to get resolved first.

Owner and Operator

Know the Med Spa before you make an appointment. A good establishment should be owned or at least highly supervised by a doctor. Different states have different regulations as it pertains to how involved a doctor needs to be in the facility. A doctor doesn’t need to own the place, but he should be there when you have your procedure, no matter how minimally invasive it happens to be. The more complex the procedure, the more important this is. However, any procedure you have done should be done under a doctor’s supervision, as there are risks with everything.


Not only should you know who is behind the medical spa, you should know who will actually be performing the procedure. What kind of license do they have? What kind of experience do they have? Don’t just assume that your BOTOX will be injected by someone who has done this a thousand times. Find out for certain that you are in good hands. People think that something like laser hair removal comes without any risks. This isn’t true. There are risks involved, and the potential for complications go much higher when you’re in the hands of incompetency.


Cosmetic procedures are getting better all the time, as is the technology used to perform them. Make sure the medical spa you choose is on the cutting edge. You can get a better price by going to a facility that is using yesterday’s equipment, but is that really what you want? If you’re going to pay for a cosmetic procedure, don’t you want the latest technology to go into getting you the best result? That doesn’t mean your local facility needs to have the brand new laser hair removal machine only being used in one clinic in Australia, but they shouldn’t be using equipment that was rendered obsolete fifteen years ago.


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