CripTo-Brasil Blog Why is My Child So Hyperactive? – With Solutions to ADHD

Why is My Child So Hyperactive? – With Solutions to ADHD

Signs of a Hyperactive Child

1) Your child cannot sit still. The child fidgets in his seat.
2) Your child seems to run on a battery that never runs out of life.

ADHD Symptoms

1) Impulsiveness.
2) Unable to concentrate.
3) Your child talks excessively and flips from one conversation to another conversation frequently.
4) Angered easily.

What to Do if Your Child Shows the Above Symptoms

Speak to your child’s teachers. Call and make an appointment with your pediatrician and follow steps from there.

What Will Happen Next?

You will be asked to fill out forms. Your child’s teachers will fill out basically the same forms with a few miscellaneous questions that pertain to school. You will take your child to the doctor appointment and others along these lines give the forms to the doctor to look over. Your doctor will ask you a number of questions regarding your child. Your child will be tested physically by the doctor. The test is simple and you can reassure your child that nothing will hurt such as a shot given.

What if My Child is Diagnosed with ADHD?

You have a few choices on what to do if your child is diagnosed with ADHD.

1) Do nothing but your child will suffer with his/her schoolwork. Also, he or she will not learn how to be organized and many other life lessons one needs to become a responsible and successful adult.
2) Take medications which may not be safe for your child. The medications most likely will cause symptoms such as dry mouth, inability to fall asleep, less hungry and a zombie state.
3) Follow a special diet, exercise each day, discover and enjoy nature, and teach your child organization.

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