CripTo-Brasil Blog Why Non-Profits Must Get Comfortable With Online Fundraising

Why Non-Profits Must Get Comfortable With Online Fundraising

Often on a shoestring budget, non-profits struggle with financing for fundraising efforts to engage with donors, be it events, banquets or concerts – everything comes at a price. The good news for non-profits today is that with the internet getting more sophisticated and secure, people are more comfortable using their credit cards for online purchasing. Listed below in this article are five key points on why every nonprofit organization should now focus their time and energy on raising money through online fundraising…

No Pressure on the Donor – Leveraging the internet to reach out to people for donations relieves the donor of having to make a decision on the spot – while being approached on the sidewalk PTA fundraiser ideas. The donor has the flexibility to research the cause before donating and may even pass it on to a friend.

Traceability – Today donations made online immediately provide a 501c3 tax deductible receipt. This is not just a big motivation for people to make donations and claim against their taxes, it also allows for reliability and traceability of the donation and there are ramifications if the donation is not used 100% towards the cause.

Easy Set-Up– Setting up a donation site is a low-cost effort with the possibility of a high return if leveraged properly. With companies like Piryx helping non-profits set up donation pages and providing training and tools for no set-up or subscription fees, nonprofits shouldn’t feel intimidated about using this excellent platform for fundraising.

Corporate Social Responsibility– The heat is on big and large companies today to show that they care about their environment and their community along with their bottom-line. Yes, there are tax benefits associated with CSR and is offered as an incentive for companies to continue being involved. Keeping this in mind, companies offer a matching donation program for their employees.

A Green Way to Raise Money– ‘Going Green’ is the new buzz word and companies go out of their way to prove it. For non-profits, raising money online instantly reduces the cost of printing fliers and mailers – something that most often ends up in the recycle bin in most homes.

The notion that people do not want to give money online is a myth – according to an article by Sage Nonprofit Solutions ‘Five Myths of Online Fundraising’ in 2008, 300 billion dollars was donated by Americans to nonprofit organizations and four percent of that amount, 12 billion dollars was donated online. Of all the benefits that the World Wide Web has brought us, the ability to use the internet to raise money for a cause is by far the greatest of all benefits.

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