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Working Out The Job Descriptions of A Medical Office Assistant

For human resource managers who are new in the medical field, you may find it challenging to work out the job descriptions of a medical office assistant. I am here to share with you some information about this particular position.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they have defined the job scope of the assistants this way, i.e. “to transcribe dictation, prepare correspondence and assist physicians or medical scientists with reports, speeches, articles and conference proceedings”.

Does the statement sound complicated? Don’t worry. I am going to explain further in an easier manner. A medical assistant is actually needed to provide assistance to the doctors, physicians and nurses. They are required to provide care to the patients in the hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices. Basically, we can categorize these assistants into 2 main categories because they perform different types of tasks. One is the administrative tasks and another one is the clinical tasks.

The administrative Benzo Withdrawal medical office assistants’ duties include scheduling patients’ appointments, handling insurance information and billing, answering phone calls, making photocopies, sending faxes, doing simple bookkeeping, etc. Besides these daily tasks, the assistants have to be familiar with the medical and billing software because they need to maintain patients’ records systematically. In order to carry out the clerical activities in a smooth manner, they have to equip themselves with necessary computer skills.

On the other hand, the clinical medical office assistants are responsible to take inventory of all patients. They are required to check patients’ vital signs and take their blood pressure and heart rate before preparing them for an appointment with the doctors or physicians. At the same time, they need to explain to the patients about the necessary treatments and procedures. Besides, they are instructed by the physicians or doctors to advise the patients about the medications, diets and laboratory testing.

Frankly speaking, the job descriptions for medical office assistants may vary from one employer to another because there are so many sectors involved in the medical industry. In some small organizations, some assistants are required to perform both tasks. Please bear in mind that the tasks performed by the personnel may be different from one to another and the assistants are rewarded with different salary packages too.


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