CripTo-Brasil Blog Traditional Registries Are Out – The Online Gift Registry Is In!

Traditional Registries Are Out – The Online Gift Registry Is In!

In today’s busy world, more and more traditional activities are taking place in untraditional ways. People are working long hours at the office and their free time is very valuable to them. In many instances, time is more valuable than money. People are often willing to spend a little more in exchange for convenience. We see it all around us. Take the microwave for example. Many people nowadays do not even realize that popcorn can be made any other way. When it comes down to it, convenience sells.

Perhaps one of the most popular modern day conveniences is the Internet. People love the variety that it has to offer. Where else can you shop at ten different stores in a matter of minutes? With its convenience and variety, the internet gift Plus Size Bottoms registry is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to register and buy gifts for any occasion.

Online gift registries work great for bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, house warmings, you name it. Depending on the site, registration is usually quick, easy and free. Once registered, you can create a wish list of items you would like to receive for an upcoming special event. Most internet registry services allow you to choose from a variety of stores, with some even letting you add items from any site on the internet. Unlike traditional registries, you are not limited to just one store, which is what makes them so popular. Instead of physically registering at one or more brick and mortar stores, you can easily create a single list with items from as many stores as you like.

When asking your friends and family to register gifts, you want to make the process as convenient as possible. They are busy people too. Some of them may not live near the brick and mortar store that you are registering at. However, now that it can all be done online, that no longer matters. It is also easy to distribute your registry to family and friends via email.

Internet gift registries are not only more accommodating for the people buying the gifts; they are more convenient for the person who is registering too. Walking around department stores for hours on end picking and choosing items can be long and tiresome. Sitting in the comfort of your own home and selecting the items online can be much more inviting. You may even be more apt to take your time and pick out what you really want instead of wanting to hurry up because your feet are tired of walking.

The purpose of gift registries is to get what you need. People may not know your likes and dislikes, and unless they visit your home often they may not know what you have and what you do not have. By registering, you are taking the guesswork out of gift giving and are much more likely to get what you need. When I got married almost fifteen years ago (I feel old just typing those words), there were no online registries, and because my family was spread out geographically, I didn’t register at all. My husband and I ended up with about four toasters, two clothes irons, three waffle irons, and no plates or silverware. Since we were broke, we ended up eating with our fingers for two months! It was a shame because we figured that with such a large family we were bound to get everything we needed. As a young bride, I was too ashamed to return anything. Guess what? I still have four toasters, two clothes irons, and three waffle irons. I don’t even like waffles! Well, at least we now have silverware and dishes. A good online registry will update your list when a purchase is made so you don’t receive duplicate gifts like I did.



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