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Electronics Systems Technology Degrees Online

Every year a growing number of companies, organizations, and homes use technological equipment to complete everyday activities and tasks. With this growing technological advancement more individuals who know and understand how to keep technology and devices running are needed. The wide range of career opportunities for electronic systems technology can have degree holders working in areas like field service, building, installing, testing, maintaining electron systems, and more.

Many accredited online schools offer certificates and an associate’s degree in electronics systems technology. These types of education options help prepare students for entry-level jobs. Further schooling in this area is available but often broken up into specific more focused categories. Online degrees are available in electronics, electronic engineering, systems management, and more.

Gaining an education from home can have students working in a variety of careers in a short time.

  • The ability to work inside the comfort of their own home will enable individuals to take their time on courses and go faster if they want to step into the professional field quickly.
  • With the specialized knowledge obtained from online schooling students will be able to work within the field of electronics. To do so students must have an all-inclusive education in electronics systems technology.
  • The typical minimum requirement for electrical engineers is an associate’s degree in engineering technology. An associate’s degree is usually a two-year course load and gaining one in electronics systems technology is a good career path for the individual who loves working with technology.

Obtaining an associate’s degree in electronics systems technology can lead to a wide range of job possibilities.

  • Opportunities include being a computer lab technician, computer network specialist, or a computer technician. These degree distinctions are ideal for individuals with a knack for electronics systems that want to learn how to help people fix their problems with electronics.
  • Students will use equipment to learn how to build it, take it down, fix it, repair it, and troubleshoot electronics if something goes wrong. Specific coursework for a degree of this nature could include computer repair, software theory, and more.

Specific programs for an associate’s degree may require students to complete around 75 credit hours.

  • A specific course students may take is hardware and software. Students in a course like this will explore PC systems software, hardware, and operating systems.
  • Course topics could include system boards, processors, memory, power supplies, internal adapters, and more. This course specifically can be applied to the use of becoming a computer technician.
  • Many of the online colleges have options for students who want to further their education after achieving an associate’s.


Some bachelor’s degree programs include computer engineering technology and electronics engineering.

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