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knowledge of the violin

I didn’t think much about violins until I inherited over 60 violins. My first impression was that it was a simple instrument. Practice for hours in a quiet place and have fun making music. However, the more I became involved in violin repair, the more I realized how much of a relationship a violinist has with his instrument. It’s like the onion analogy. Relationships have layers.

The first layer starts. Most people start taking antique cello lessons when they are young. My mom and dad think everything is good when the music in the practice room is good. You can start with a rental violin or a children’s violin. Then you will need a case, a bow, a rosin, and a music stand. Sign up for lessons and start making music. However, it is difficult to make beautiful music with a special factory-made violin that costs cheaper when you purchased it on the Internet. The teacher is complaining of a headache, and the sounds coming out of the room do not give the parents’ ears the joy they expected. Show signs of patience and people will give you better violins that don’t squeak or squeak and make good music. You need a fine-tuner to improve your skills with lessons and get your tone right. I want a new case with better care for my violin and pockets for sheet music. When your bow wears out, you find that buying a new bow is cheaper than regrowing a normal bow. You have to visit a music store to buy sheet music, or these days you can buy it online.

In a few years, I hope the lessons are paying off and the music you’re making is starting to sound great. You need to find the best teacher and get an adult 4/4 size violin. Violins start to get expensive if you’re really good. . Learn how to take care of your violin and create a sheet music repertoire. You have joined the youth orchestra and your journey begins. What is also happening is that the passion that musicians have for their music is now forming in you.

For a violinist, passion means you come to love everything about the violin and everything can be applied to the violin subject. Violinists love everything about the violin. You will have no trouble finding a gift for a violinist. Find something with a violin theme. You can buy themed sheet music, jewelry, trinkets, bookends, books, paintings, posters, tapestries, watches, and even liqueur bottles. A picture of a violin or a shape of a violin will make them happy. They will wear clothes or jewelry, or decorate them with paintings or jewelry. They will look at violin picture books or play music.

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